ZALO/JP-PUBLICATIONS --- Catalogue for Native American Flute

Note: These compositions are published primarily for the G min. scale. However, many of the pieces for solo flute may be performed on flutes of different "basic tuning".


Richard Collins -- Gr. 1, 2 - SPRING FLOWERS, for flute & piano  6’
                                Gr. 1, 2 - LYRICAL EXPLORATIONS, for flute & harpsichord
   7’    $11.00

Available also for flute and strings; romantic expressiveness in the phrases display a unique Melodicism; a mixing of jazz and classical styles with a colorful harmonic backdrop; reviewers refer to this composer’s music as "evoking an emotional response".

Robert Mols -- Gr. 1, 2 - CADENZA & TWO IMAGES, for flute & piano
   4’    $8.00

CADENZA, is for solo flute (a); TWO IMAGES may be played with harpsichord; colorful harmonic textures in the keyboard enhance the musical effectiveness of the pentatonic mode in the flute.

James J. Pellerite -- Gr. 2, 3 - MOVIMENTI PREZIOSI, for flute & piano
   9’    $9.50

Two movements adapted from Concerto for Oboe, by Alessandro Marcello; elaborate ornamentation of the ADAGIO mixes the Native flute styles with baroque idiomatic expression; ALLEGRO, with its articulated phrases is exciting and brilliant sounding; the cross-cultural musical elements of interpretation must acquiesce, since boundaries are pleasingly stretched; available also for flute and strings.

Kevin Purrone -- Gr. 1 -- 4, DANCES, for flute & harpsichord
   7’ 30"    $11.00

A commentary interplay between flute and harpsichord, with playful and lyrical expression; 2nd movement is for solo flute (a); virtuosic elements elevate the flute’s abilities to be a contrast within itself, shifting from its primary source to a contemporary sounding instrument; recommended also for the modern flute.

Justin Rubin -- Gr. 1 -- 4 -- FANTASY-SONATAS, for flute & harpsichord
   6’ 30"    $10.50

Three movements of diverse character (2nd for solo flute), combine elements of an improvisational style, yet the phrases are structured as sonatas in the baroque sense.

Randall Snyder -- Gr.1 -- 4 -- ELEGY FOR SEPTEMBER, for flute & harpsichord
   6’    $8.50

Originally commissioned for Lute and flute, and re-edited by the composer for harpsichord; (lute part is available on request); piece was composed not only as a memorial to the composer’s father, but to the events of Sept.11th as well; an elegiac nature prevails throughout the piece, as a soulful expression is borne by each instrument; the ending, CENOTAPH, of a setting of Orlando Gibbon.’s madrigal, "The Silver Swan"; recommended also for the modern flute.

Randall Snyder -- Gr. 1, 2 -- ENCORES, for flute & Harpsichord
   7’ 30"    $11.00

Amazing Grace; Japanese Childrens’ Song; Sakura-Sakura; Appropriate settings for the instrumental combination which includes an optional part for light percussion; arrangements of popular Japanese song, (Cherry Blossoms, Sakura); Amazing Grace, with somberness and reverence; phrases lend a vocal quality; flute is communicative, embracing fusion and crossover.

Paul Steinberg -- Gr. 1, 3 -- THREE CONTRASTS, for flute & piano
   6’    $9.50

Composer’s distinct memories of the Southwest(N.Mex.) are vividly recalled in all movements; varied styles are capricious, diverse, and brilliant in creating the images; recommended also for the modern flute.

Joseph TurrinGr. 1, 2WINTER SKY, for flute & piano
   4’ 30"    $8.75

Free-flowing phrases in the piano provide colorful chromatic backdrop to the natural flavors of the flute; charming, expressive ornamental phrases. (see: Boehm flute)

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn -- Gr. 2, 4 -- MUSIC OF ENCHANTMENT
   (c) (piano reduction)    7’ 35"    $17.00

Originally for strings and two percussionists (c), this edition is a piano reduction, with the available parts for two percussionists; Introduction, a colorful expressive soliloquy, effectively blending the percussion with the flute’s traditional ornamentation; Allegro is effective and somewhat challenging with exciting multiple rhythms as a perpetual motion; recommended also for the modern flute.

Jay Vosk -- Gr. 1, 3MONUMENT
   (piano reduction)    10’    $10.25

For flute and string quartet (see: chamber music); revision of a movement from his Concerto, AZSCAPES; colorful chromatic textures support the beauty of the flute’s florid melodic lines; a cadenza features self-styled elements against a coordinated chordal background; recommended also for the modern flute.

Stephen Weber -- Gr. 1, 3 -- PRAYER and CELEBRATION, for flute & harpsichord
   7’ 30"    $10.50

Prayer, at a slow and deliberate pace, moments of reflection and introspection; Celebration, robust, in its rhythmic accentuation, with changing meters, and highlighted articulations.

David Yeagley -- Gr. 2, 3CLOUDS OF AN EVENING SUN
   (c)    9’    (In preparation), (piano reduction)

Luigi Zaninelli -- Gr. 1, 2TRE IMPRESSIONI, for flute & harpsichord
   7’    $8.25

Three short pieces, may be programmed separately; enchantingly simple melodic lines, imaginatively combined with chromatic tertian harmony; technical simplicity belies their musical sophistication.

(a) -- Recorded on ECHOES & BOUNDARIES (see: Recordings)

(c) – Recorded on a new CD to be released by OPUS ONE RECORDS