ZALO/ JP-PUBLICATIONS --- Catalogue for Native American Flute

Note: These compositions are published primarily for the G min. scale. However, many of the pieces for solo flute may be performed on flutes of different "basic tuning".

(a) -- Recorded on ECHOES & BOUNDARIES

(b) -- Recorded on a new CD to be released by AZICA RECORDS


Marilyn Bliss -- Gr. 1, 2 -- PHANTOM BREEZE, (from, WIND SONGS)
   (a)     3’ 30"    $10.00

The "Phantoms" refer to the notes E and G#, not usually in the traditional scale of the g-min. flute; melodic expression is borne by the wind as the spirit, communicating through its natural channel, the flute. (Gr. 1 -- IT WAS THE WIND, see, FLUTE & VOICE)

Barton Cummings -- Gr. 3, 4 -- NEW IMAGES
   6’    $7.00

Four movements; melodicisms are contrasted with lively articulated sections and those of rubato and cadenza-styled elements; recommended also for performance on the modern flute.

Ray Friendly -- Gr. 1, 2 -- PRELUDE TO SILENCE
   (a)    3’ 30"    $6.50

Inspired by the composer’s sung-recitation of the 23rd Psalm; meditative, reflective, in the form of a soliloquy; appropriate for performance in secular or religious settings. (See: Boehm Flute)

SantaFe Galloway -- Gr. 1, 2 - NIGHT CHANTS
   (a)    5’ 30"    $6.50

Three movements; considerable freedom in expressing traditional phrase elements; the composer’s memorable childhood impressions of the Four Corner’s region are recalled in sights and sounds of the Pueblos and reservations.

James J. Pellerite -- Gr. 1, 2 - PORTRAYALS
   (a)    12’    $10.50

Canto 3’ -- A Likeness of Telemann 2’20" – Theme & Variance 3’30"

The Cricket’s Charge 2’ – Preludio 1’40"

Adaptations of etudes from literature for modern flute; considerable contrast in melodic elements; instructional text is presented for each piece to offer assistance in the study of the Native flute’s techniques.

Randall Snyder -- Gr. 1, 2 - PRISM
   (a)    9’ 30"    $8.50

Five movements as a suite of moods; may be programmed separately; distinctive impressions in contrasting styles result in a selected array of recital pieces; slow movements encourage some freedom in interpretation, bridging the gap between pentatonic and diatonic structures; (see: Boehm Flute)

John Thow -- Gr. 1, 2 - THREE ECHOES
   6’ 20"    $7.00

Three short movements as vehicles for expressiveness, with contrasts of techniques, tremolos and some elements of repeated articulations; attractive phrase elements based on musical memories and images of Indian styles.

Kazuo Tokito -- Gr. 2, 3TWO CANDLES
(In preparation)

Mary Jeanne Van Appledorn -- Gr. 3 - NATIVE AMERICAN MOSAIC
   (a)    3’    $6.50

A contemporary flavor has been created with cadenza-type structures and chromatic ornaments; much freedom in expression; recommended also for performance on the modern flute.

John White -- Gr. 3, 4 - PALINDROMES
   (a)    5’ 15"    $6.50

Four movements with virtuosic sections of excitement; composed as a set of variations on a theme; contrasting playful, melodic phrases, with expression of somberness; recommended also for performance on the modern flute.

David Yeagley -- Gr. 2, to 5 - AWAKENING
   (b)    28’    $12.50

Ten Etudes, or recital solos, may be performed separately; composer is Native American (Comanche); movements possess considerable contrasting expression; expressively moving romanticisms, and phrases of intense virtuosity; all technical and musical aspects of Native flute performance are to be studied in detail; recommended also for performance on the modern flute.

David YeagleyGr. 3 to 5 - SONATA nr.1
   (b)    15’ 30"    $10.50

Four movements; each reflects the technical materials and use of harmonic and rhythmic elements presented in the Ten Etudes (AWAKENING); a broad range of melodicisms in rhythmically intricate patterns; recommended also for performance on the modern flute.